Student Sign Up

Students can sign up for a Show Up account by following these instructions

by Robbie and team
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Instructional Video:

Printable PDF Guide: HERE

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Download the Show Up app.  The full name of the app is “Show Up Theatre Management” and it can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Android Google Play.
  2. Open the app
  3. Tap Sign Up.  It is at the very bottom of the screen, under the Sign In button.
  1. Enter your email address and tap Send One Time Password. If your school filters external messages from your student email account, use a personal email address instead.
  1. Open the message that was delivered to your email address and enter the 4 digit code into the Show Up app and tap Submit. If you do not see the message in your email inbox, be sure you are using an email account that accepts external messages. You may also want to try refreshing your email inbox or looking in your Spam folder. If you use Gmail, you may want to check your Promotions and Social tabs.
  1. Under Sign Up As, select Student
  2. Fill in your name, email, date of birth and desired password.  Note that students under the age of 13 are not able to create accounts on Show Up yet. Show Up will be available for students under 13 soon.
  1. You will need to check that you agree to the terms and conditions and privacy policy.
  2. Tap the Signup button
  1. You should see a message saying, “You’re in!  Now you’re ready to find your school.” Tap Ok.  You will be automatically taken to the Search for Schools screen.
  1. Find and select your school.  Tap the Request to Join button.
  1. You will be taken to the Student Profile screen. Upload a profile picture and complete all information fields.
  1. Tap Save.
  1. You will see a dialogue box letting you know that you will be notified when your request to join your school has been accepted. Tap Sounds good! and leave the app until your request has been accepted.


Wait for your teacher to accept your request to join your school on Show Up.  After your request has been accepted, you will receive a push notification like this:

  1. IMPORTANT: Quit the Show Up app. It will need to reset now that you have been accepted into a school.
  1. Reopen the Show Up app
  2. You will see this dialogue box. Tap Alrighty!
  1. Enter your parent’s email address and tap Invite.  Only add one parent email address for now.  It will be possible to invite additional parents after your school has approved this parent.
  1. You can now use Show Up as a member of your school. Visit our Student Support page for guidelines on how to use Show Up. You will not be able to participate in direct chats with your teachers until your parent creates an account and is approved by your school.


  • If you need to find the Search for Schools screen, you can get there by navigating to the main menu (the button in the upper left corner) and tapping Search for Schools.
  • Make sure you have been accepted into your school on Show Up before inviting a parent.  If you have been accepted, a notification will appear in the notification center (bell icon in the top right corner of the screen).  If you need to get back to the Invite Parent screen, you can get there by navigating to the main menu (the button in the upper left corner) and tapping Invite Parent.

Updated: 7-20-23, Mobile Version 1.2