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Guide for teachers setting up Show Up for their schools.

by Robbie and team
Updated over a week ago
Are you the main teacher for your school's theatre program?  
Do you want to start using Show Up at your school?  
Follow these instructions to get started!

Instructional Guide:

Onboarding Students

  1. Share these setup instructions with your students:
  2. Once students have created accounts and requested to join your school on Show Up, you can accept or deny their requests. This gives you full control over who is active in your school's account. To accept or deny requests, tap on the Approve Requests button on your dashboard.
  1. Once students are approved, you can start interacting with them on the app.  While waiting for their parents to create accounts, you and your students will be able to use all of the app's features except for Family Chats (direct messaging between a student, a teacher and their parents). A parent must be connected to the student's account in order for that feature to be active. This prevents private teacher to student messaging, ensuring transparency and safety for all.

Onboarding Parents

  1. Share these setup instructions with the parents of your students:
  2. When students set up their accounts, they will be prompted automatically to invite their parents to create accounts. Invited parents receive an automated email from us with instructions.
  3. When invited parents create accounts, they will automatically appear in your Approve Requests screen. You can approve or reject them just like students (see above)
  4. Once a student has one parent mapped to them (after you approve that parent), the student can invite additional parents. You will not need to approve the additional parents. They will automatically be mapped to the student or students that invited them.

IMPORTANT: A parent should not try to create an account until their student has already created an account.

Parent Resources:

We have also prepared a sample parent letter that you can copy and modify HERE

Onboarding Additional Teachers

Share these setup instructions with additional teachers or adult helpers at your school:

Once you have created your school's account, you can add additional teachers to help you manage your theatre program on Show Up. You can accept or reject requests from other teachers from the Approve Requests screen just like you do with students.