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Guide for teachers setting up Show Up for their schools.

by Robbie and team
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Are you the main teacher for your school's theatre program?  
Do you want to start using Show Up at your school?  
Follow these instructions to get started!

Instructional Video:

Printable PDF Guide: HERE

Step-By-Step Instructions:

Getting Started

Note: The following steps are for the main teacher that will be in charge of managing your school's subscription to Show Up. If you are an additional teacher, a helper, a student, or a parent, please wait until the main teacher for your theatre program has set up your school's account on Show Up.

  1. Download Show Up from Google Play or the Apple App Store. If searching for the app, you may need to search using the full name: "Show Up Theatre Management"
  1. Tap Sign Up
  1. Enter your email address and tap Send One Time Password.
  1. Check your email inbox and enter the 4 digit code that was emailed to you. Tap Submit. If you don't see the message in your inbox, try refreshing your inbox or check your spam folder. If you use Gmail, you may want to check the promotions or social tabs. If your school or organization filters external emails, you will need to create your Show Up account with a personal email address.

  1. Under "Sign Up As," tap Teacher. Fill in your name, email address, date of birth, and create a password. Check the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy agreement box. Tap the Signup button when finished. Note, we ask for date of birth in order to comply with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Rule ("COPPA").
  1. You will see a dialogue box asking if you are starting a Show Up account for your school or joining a school that already uses the app. Tap "New School."
  1. Create a profile for your school. Students, parents, and other teachers will see this profile when searching for and requesting to join your school on the app. It is recommended to add a photo of your school, a logo, or another recognizable icon. Tap the image icon at the top to add a photo. Fill in the rest of the text boxes and then tap the Save button at the bottom of the screen.

  1. A dialogue box will appear, prompting you to create your personal profile. Tap "Ok!."
  1. Complete your teacher profile. Be sure to add a profile picture by tapping on the image icon at the top of the screen. Your profile picture will help other users recognize you on the app, such as when seeing your messages. Fill in the rest of the text boxes. Your phone number is optional. Keep in mind that it will be visible to students and parents if you fill it in. Once you have updated your profile, tap the save button at the bottom of the screen.
  1. You will see a dialogue box letting you know that you can start using Show Up now and that you will be prompted to set up your subscription later (subscriptions will be handled in the Teacher Web Workspace, launching soon). Tap "Let's go!"
  1. You will see a dialogue box letting you know that you can learn how to onboard students, parents, and teachers.  When you tap "Ok!," our support page will be opened in a web browser on your phone. You can view onboarding instructions there or navigate to those same resources by clicking the links below. To keep using the Show Up app, close the browser in your phone and reopen Show Up.
  1. You are all set! During the initial beta testing period, you will have unlimited access to the app's features. Early beta schools will be prompted to choose a subscription plan and payment method through our teacher web workspace, which will be launched in late July. For now, enjoy using the app at full capacity for free!

Onboarding Students

DO NOT use the "Invite New User" option in the app for now. We are revising that feature, which was designed to make it easier to invite one new user at a time, such as when a transfer student wants to join your program. Instead, follow the instructions here to onboard students and parents.

  1. Share these setup instructions with your students:
  2. Once students have created accounts and requested to join your school on Show Up, you can accept or deny their requests. This gives you full control over who is active in your school's account. To accept or deny requests, tap on the Approve Requests button on your dashboard.
  1. From the Approve Requests screen, you will see any pending requests. Tap "Approve" or "Reject" next to each request as desired.
  1. Once students are approved, you can start interacting with them on the app.  While waiting for their parents to create accounts, you and your students will be able to use all of the app's features except for direct messaging between a student and teacher. A parent must be connected to the student's account in order for that feature to be active. This ensures transparency and safety for all.

Onboarding Parents

  1. After you accept students into your school on Show Up, they will be prompted automatically to invite their parents to create accounts. Invited parents receive an automated email from us with instructions.
  2. When invited parents create accounts, they will automatically appear in your Approve Requests screen. You can approve or reject them just like students (see above)
  3. Once a student has one parent mapped to them (after you approve that parent), the student can invite additional parents. You will not need to approve the additional parents. They will automatically be mapped to the student or students that invited them.

IMPORTANT: A parent should not try to create an account until their student has already created an account and been accepted by you into your school. If a parent jumps the gun, contact

Parent Resources:

Share these setup instructions with the parents of your students:

We have also prepared a sample parent letter that you can copy and modify HERE

Onboarding Additional Teachers

Share these setup instructions with additional teachers or adult helpers at your school:

Once you have created your school's account, you can add additional teachers to help you manage your theatre program on Show Up.  During early beta testing, you can add as many teachers as you like. Once subscriptions are activated, schools on the Essentials Plan will be limited to a maximum of 2 teacher users at any given time. Schools on the Unlimited Plan can have as many teacher users as they like.

You can accept or reject requests from other teachers from the Approve Requests screen just like you do with students and parents.

Updated: 7-20-23, Mobile Version 1.2