Create a Group

Learn how to create and manage a group

by Robbie and team
Updated over a week ago

Show Up automatically creates a cast group, a crew group, and a full company group for each of your productions every time you publish cast and crew lists. You can create manual groups by following the instructions below.

Instructional Video:

Step-by-Step Instructions:

  1. From the dashboard, tap on Groups
  1. Tap Create New Group.
  1. Fill in the group information. To add an image, tap the image icon.
  1. You can upload an image from your camera roll or take a photo.
  1. If you want members in the group to be able to reply in the group chat, select Yes under Enable Chat Replies. If you do not want members to be able to reply, select No.
  1. Under Production, select a production to associate the group with or select None if the group is not related to a specific production.
  1. Under Chat Visible to Parents, select Yes or No. If Yes is selected, parents of students in the group will be able to see the chat and will get notifications every time someone sends a message in the chat.
  1. Tap Add People to Group to add group members
  1. Tap the profile pictures of individuals to select them. Then, tap the Add Selected People button near the top of the screen.
  1. Tap Create Group to save the group you created.
  1. You will now be able to chat with the group from the Messages screen. Soon, you will be able to easily schedule groups to events when creating events.