Casting & Crew Assignments

Learn how to assign cast and crew roles

by Robbie and team
Updated over a week ago

Instructional Video:

Step-by-Step Instructions:

  1. From the dashboard, tap Productions
  1. Tap on the specific production that you want to work on.
  1. Tap on Roles
  1. Toggle between cast and crew roles by tapping on the cast and crew tabs at the top. The tab that is red is the one you have currently selected. You can publish cast and crew lists separately, at different times.
  1. To add a role, tap Add Role
  1. In the dialogue box that appears, you can add a character name (or crew name if working on a crew list). You can also select a category of role. The category you select will automatically add a specific number of Thespian Points. The category and points fields are optional. If you are a Thespian school, Show Up will eventually be able to automatically tabulate Thespian Points for your students. Tap Create Cast (or crew) Role to save the role.
  1. The created role will appear to the right of the Add Role button. You can add as many roles as you like and scroll through them from left to right. Roles can be individual named character or ensemble groups. You will be able to add multiple students to each role and can assign individual students to multiple roles.
  1. Once you have created the roles you want, you can drag and drop students to roles. Students are divided into two dropdown lists: Applied and Did Not Apply. You can assign any student from either list, even if they did not apply for the production. To drag a student to a role, hold down the 6 dots to the right of their name and drag them to the desired role.
  1. The student's picture will appear in the role card once the student has been added to the role.
  1. You can add multiple students to one role. You can assign individual students to multiple roles.
  1. Tap on a role to see all students assigned to it and to edit the role.
  1. When you are ready to publish your cast or crew list, tap the Publish Cast (or crew) List button at the bottom of the screen.
  1. A dialogue box will appear confirming that you are ready to publish. Students will be able to see the published list once you confirm.
  1. You can return to the roles screen to edit role assignments at any time. You will need to tap the Update button at the bottom of the screen before your changes will be visible to students.