Creating a Production

Learn how to create and manage a production.

by Robbie and team
Updated over a week ago

Instructional video:

Step-by-Step Instructions:

  1. From the dashboard, tap on the Productions button
  1. Tap Create New Production
  1. Tap the image icon to add a show logo and fill in the rest of the information about the production. When selecting performance dates, tap the calendar icon under "Performance dates" to select a date. Choose a date, tap Confirm, and then tap the Add Date button. To add an additional date, repeat those steps: tap the calendar icon, choose a date, tap confirm, and tap the Add Date button.
  1. Fill in the rest of the fields. The length selection dropdown will eventually allow Show Up to automatically calculate Thespian Points for students in the cast and crew. The Participation Info boxes allow you to share information that you want potential cast and crew members to know such as what to prepare for auditions. **Please let us know if you find this helpful and if you would like additional options such as uploading files here. Under Staff, you can select teachers that will be working on the production. Tap "Create Production" to finish.